Premium model double hole insult

Aiko Nagai
Beautiful boobs

Aiko Nagai, who plays hard to the hole in her ass, appears in the beauty & beautiful girl series "Premium Model"! Aiko made her AV debut as "Minami Yu" in 2008, and just before her retirement in 2009, she also appeared under the name of "Inamori Shiho". In this work, Aiko-chan, who has attractive E-cup breasts with fair skin and pudding, will show off extreme sex with two holes inserted at the same time! She is attached with her collar and is restrained with M-shaped spread legs and SM play is fully opened from the beginning such as electric massage. Men push Bing Bing Dick one after another into Aiko's cute mouth as she is done. Aiko who writhes while dripping a large amount of saliva. In addition, she pushes hard and shoots semen in the back of Aiko's throat! In the vaginal cum shot 4P, she is blamed for her pussy by three cocks in a row and screams! Roll up! Intense vaginal cum shot play. It's too amazing. At the end, Aiko who was tied up, pinched her nipples, beat her ass, groped anal and pussy with her toys, and finally inserted two holes at the same time! Aiko-chan, who is pierced by anal and gradually becomes pleasant, and spree while cramping with a metamorphosis nature, is insanely erotic. Aiko-chan, who has an outstanding style and a cute face, has a lot of hard play with a perfect score that goes crazy with hardcore radical play of double hole insult.

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