Membership registration / payment

Please tell me the details of the usage fee.

$35/month -> for 1 month
$30/month-> for 2 months
$25/month-> for 3 months

The daily limit for all plans is 6 movies.

I have completed membership registration, but my ID / password has not been sent.

1. You entered the wrong email address during the membership registration process.
2.Malfunction of the mail server on the provider side you are using.
3.The customer's mailbox is full and cannot receive emails.
4.The customer's mailer has set reception restrictions such as junk mail / folder sorting rules.
Due to the sorting rules set, it seems that the "Membership registration completion information" email may be put in the "Junk email folder" or "Trash" and the email may be overlooked. If you think "You haven't received your e-mail!", Please check the sorting rule settings, "Junk E-mail Folder" and "Trash" before contacting Contact.
If you do not receive the email, please contact us first. Please do not re-enroll. It may cause double billing.
Please note that double billing refunds are not possible on the system.

I made a mistake in writing my e-mail address when I registered as a member. Can I fix it?

Please contact us from contact.
⇒ Contact

Cancel renewal billing.

Since "PUFU-PUFU" uses an automatic recurring billing system, the membership plan will be automatically renewed unless you cancel your membership. If you wish to withdraw from auto payment, please follow the withdrawal procedure from "subscriptions" in the member area. When the auto payment procedure is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address.
Even if you cancel your auto payment, you can continue to use "PUFU-PUFU" until your membership period expires.

Which credit card companies can I use to pay?

We accept VISA, MASTER, American Express credit cards, or affiliated credit cards.
You can use it if the VISA, MASTER, or American Express mark is printed on the surface of your credit card.

What does my credit card statement say on my credit card statement?

Credit card payment and payment / account related support are handled by media japan, a payment agency with a proven track record in the industry. The billing name on the billing statement from your credit card company will be. Please be assured that there will be no mention of the site name or adult site.

Is it okay to enter my credit card information in the membership registration form?

All credit card information entered by the customer is securely transmitted using COMODO's SSL (encryption technology). Rest assured that the information will not be stolen by a third party.

When will the payment fee be deducted? Is it automatically updated every month?

The unsubscribe date of the membership fee varies depending on the closing date of the credit card company you are using, so please contact your credit card company for details.
In addition, since this site uses an automatic renewal billing method, it will be automatically renewed unless you take the unsubscribe procedure. If you wish to unsubscribe from the membership, please complete the unsubscribe procedure from the unsubscribe form. If the cancel procedure is completed , you will receive an email of the cancel completion to your email address.

Best offer
$25per month
3 months

40% Savings

$30per month
2 months

20% Savings

Good plan
$35per month
1 month
$25per month
3 months
$30per month
2 months
$35per month
1 month

The daily limit for all plans is 6 movies.