I Doll Vol.31 Maria Hirai Complete Works Part 2

Maria Hirai

Starring Maria Hirai, who is famous for appearing on pacific saury's program! The program "Much Ado About Love" hosted by pacific saury Akashiya, who raised various female talents such as Maya Kobayashi & Mao sisters, female doctor and talent Fumiko Nishikawa, and TBS announcer Hiroko Ogura. There were many scandalous topics such as the performer debuting as an AV actress and the AV actress hiding the past, but Maria also hid her identity and named "Much Ado About Love". I was appearing in "Much Ado About Nothing"! The predominant theory is that her debut work is "Pure Girls 2002" released in September 2002. In 2005, she released an image DVD (without nudity) under the stage name "Minamimari", and she made a comeback in her talent business, such as making a regular appearance as a personality on "Akiba-kei BB Channel". However, there is no subsequent activity under the name of "Minamiri". Maria-chan, who is still popular because she has a lot of talent activities and general exposure to appear on TV while hiding her identity. This time, it's petite and slightly small breasts! Introducing a work full of highlights of Maria-chan, a cute Lori AV actress with a squirrel face. In the second part, her Maria who appeared in white underwear at the beginning shows off masturbation! Her hands aren't enough to stimulate her nipples with a rotor! Her erection is certain as she feels while twisting her body! An actor appears on the way and serves by handjob. Muddy semen is fired on a cute face. Her face is covered with semen and she is in a state of daze while shaking her body. Next, urinate in uniform and loose socks! A large amount of pee is spouted vigorously while being shy! Blow the cock of the actor who erected to look too obscene. Excitement MAX for a series of scenes that are too erotic! Of course, it is strictly forbidden to miss the sex scene. It is no exaggeration to say that it is uncensored, and you can see the vagina with a faint mosaic! The flesh from the back normal position and the soft buttocks to the thighs is also a must-see. Finish with an ideal facial shot from the missionary position! If it's so cute, the facial expression after facial expression is also erotic. It is a recommended work that keeps you excited from the beginning to the end.

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