Former A ○ B research student Marie Watanabe appears in an amateur mono AV !?


Former A ○ B member will appear on AV again! This time, the AV appearance was discovered by Marie Watanabe, a former A ○ B research student! A little while ago, it was discovered that Asuna Kawai, a newcomer idol, appeared as "Apparel clerk Risa" in a popular series of a certain video distribution site, which became a hot topic! It seems that she had a problem with her behavior, such as declining her activities at A ○ B because she originally stated in her own blog that she "likes tequila". Although he was active as a hair salon model and a reader model for women's magazines even after leaving the group, when the article "Former A ○ B48 member works at a dating club" was published in March 2018, " Speculation that "Isn't it Marie Watanabe?" Flew around, and the name came to the public again. And when the AV alleged article by Tokyo Sports was reported this time, various verifications were performed on the Internet, and it was concluded that there is almost no doubt that similarities such as nails, moles, stains, piercing marks, etc. were found. This AV appearance turmoil is considered to be quite credible because it is a series in which several former entertainers have appeared so far. I got the video immediately, so I would like to introduce it to everyone! In the petting immediately after the interview, the ear piercing mark, the mole on the left shoulder in the nipple licking & blowjob scene that is praised by the actor as "You are good at licking", the stain on the right thigh in the missionary insertion scene, in the sleeping back at the end You can clearly see the nails and the points of suspicion verified! Is this really the person himself? Please check with your own eyes to see if it is true or false!

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