Fuzz Vol.77 Legendary Idol 7 Part 1

Kaori Kirara

Early 90's. Amazing beautiful girls made their debut one after another, but the one who was the most shining was Kaori Kirara. Her cuteness, good personality, and honest reaction are attractive! After her debut, it gained explosive popularity, and fans who can't wait for the release of the work line up in the rental video store! However, she became so popular that she became a parent and she retired. She had been an AV activity for only half a year, but even after her retirement, her rental video showed an unusually high turnover rate. After that, the leaked video will be distributed as a back AV. I am surprised that the number of outflows of back AV is larger than the number of appearances of front AV! Moreover, it turned out that all the appearance works were Gachinko production due to the back leak! With this cuteness, I was doing a raw blowjob and a raw production! Of course, it's popular, and it's no wonder that there are still many fans. This time, Kaori goes beyond the boundaries of an AV actress and plays a very difficult role as a woman who lives strongly while feeling despair to live from repeated misfortunes such as the death of her parents, his affair, and rape incidents. The strongest 18-ban erotic drama of this century, which has been played with all your heart, is finally uncensored! It is one that you can enjoy both the full-scale scenario that is hard to see in the back video work at that time and her naughty body! In the first part, sweet sex between lovers is recorded. Her Kaori-chan lost her parents in her plane crash and was taken over by her uncle and aunt. But her aunt jumps out of her house for her insurance purposes. She also discovers that she has an affair with her favorite boyfriend, she is depressed and she is about to be raped by a homeless person while she is standing in the river, but she is helped by a man. Her Kaori, who has nowhere to go, decides to stay in a man's room. However, when she is two people, she is witnessed by her boyfriend and has sex with her jealous boyfriend.

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