Red Hot Jam Vol.297 I like Senpai Suki Part 1

Tsuna Kimura

Tsuna Kimura, a beautiful girl AV actress with B-cup breasts and small breasts, is here! To please her favorite senior, Tsuna-chan takes off her skin ♪ When Tsuna-chan, who was excited about her senior and her first date, went to the meeting place, for some reason her senior was not alone, but her With a friend! She reluctantly agreed that she brought her because she wanted to introduce her to her friends. As she goes up to the room and enjoys talking, her seniors suddenly attack Tsuna-chan! If Tsuna-chan, who resists and hates her, likes her seniors, she will escalate her actions more and more as if she grabbed her skill to make her friends feel good too! Two people lick Tsuna-chan's boobs and force her to say that it feels good! After the pussy is made messy, two cocks are sucked and she is blamed to the back of her throat! She was thrown in by standing back, put a cock in her mouth, and the front and back were closed! Seniors alternately insert cocks into Tuna's pussy in various positions! My senior's friend puts it on Tsuna-chan's face, and my senior is vaginal cum shot! When seniors are pleased, Tsuna-chan is also overjoyed! The relationship between the two is about to blossom! Please look forward to it!

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