Merci Beaucoup DV Vol. 06 Squirting Squid Squid Fucking Part 2

Yura Kurokawa

Yura Kurokawa, a neat and clean beautiful girl AV actress with outstanding erotic power, contrary to her nostalgic smile, makes her first appearance in ZIPANG! !! She made her AV debut in April 2013 and made her back debut in November! Introducing the second part of Yura-chan's "Merci Beaucoup DV 06 Squirting Squid Squid Fuck"! Yura-chan, who is sensitive to her nipples being sucked while her boobs are being rubbed, feels loudly! The pussy is spread and she is stimulated by her fingering and the voice is greatly raised and squirting! Squirting even with fingering from the state of crawl on all fours! A state of daze from the beginning with continuous squirting! Yura who is licked her pussy while holding a cock at 69 is stimulated by her erogenous zone and faints in agony! Plenty of sluts who get drunk with big cocks with a ferocious piston on the verge of convulsions is a masterpiece! Next, make yourself comfortable with toys. While playing one toy, multiple men chew their cock next to each other. Yura who feels good shoots her love juice like a water gun! After that, it is continuously pulled out with a group blowjob! It is released into her mouth, and the juice is also splashed on her face, making a neat maiden an obscene figure! Still, her heart seems to be shaken by Yura-chan who shows her smile happily ♪ Please see Yura-chan's continuous acme drama!

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