Laforet Girl Vol.18 Part 1

Ōmori Reina

Rena Omori, an AV actress with an innocent smile and a small body, makes her debut in ZIPANG! It exerts a sexual desire that can not be imagined from the innocent intense Kawalux. First of all, cocks of various sizes will come out, so decide which one will be the best and pull out 3 with a blowjob! Blow carefully one by one and shoot in the mouth! When asked which one was good after finishing, he said, "I'm glad they were all big ♪ The big cock is the best!" Reina-chan's little devil explodes immediately! The scene changes and we challenge the first 3P! Reina-chan, who had been interested in it until now, was looking forward to it if she didn't have the opportunity. The pussy is spread to two people and squirting three times when stimulated by fingering! The pussy and the bed are messed up with the dripping love juice! The appearance of Reina who sucks a cock with a double blowjob and sucks deliciously is a masterpiece! If you insert big cocks alternately, you will get drunk with pleasure while raising a cute pant voice! The finish is continuous vaginal cum shot! Nuki rate 120%, it's a loss if you don't watch it.

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Laforet Girl Vol.18 Part 2


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