Yui Komine

Yui Komine
Birthday1984年 09月 29日
height160 cm
measurements88cm 59cm 87cm
Blood typeB 型

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Yui Komine (Yui Komine, born September 29, 1984) is a Japanese AV actress. She belongs to the POPSTAR group. She changed her actress name to "SHU-MEI" from 2011. Biography She made her AV debut in 2004. She is a popular Kikatan (planning single) actress who is an older sister type. Appearance work Adult DVD Yui Komine Year 2005 Active nurse and doctor play game (February 4, SOD Create) Lewd liquid is prohibited! If you lose the electric mafight on the edge of the cliff, immediately force acme convulsive electric ma attack (March 17, SOD Create) Rush drug abuse creampie (April 8, Gouda Pro) HIGH SCHOOL FUCK (April 8, Idea Pocket) I can't stand my sister 9 (April 22, Shy Project) Omnibus work Teasing Working Wife 1 Yui Komine Age 23 (Break on May 13) Hi-to-zu-ma Harlem (May 15, Alex) Welcome to Chijo House! (May 18, Hayabusa Agency) Married Women Who Can't Resist Sex With Their Husbands Isn't Enough... (May 18, Hayabusa Agency) For your girlfriend who wants to call a hoteher... (June 7, Momotaro Video Publishing) S-class amateur gal 1,000 swordsmen! (June 24, Umanami. (KM Produce)) No boys allowed! This is the rumored lesbian joint party (July 7, Deeps) Ninja Vol.38 (July 8, GIGA) Estrus creampie slut (July 8, Takara video) YU&I (July 9, Aurora Project) Drunk Lesbian (July 25, Hot Entertainment) Momojiri girl. 2 (July 29, Umanami. (KM Produce)) Nasty Chijo Gakuen (August 1, Idea Pocket) 16 rookie stewardesses! Flight training (August 18, V&R Products) 16 rookie stewardesses! We will show you all the behind-the-scenes flight training (August 18, V&R Products) Tutor is a female college student Special 10 (August 19, Krystal Video) 4 hours (September 23, KM Produce) Umanami. Cell DVD version of the work "S-class amateur gal 1000 swordsmanship" I became the director of the girls' ○○ club! Women's volleyball club (September 22, V & R Products) Peeping back door Love from below (rental) / Forest of pubic bones seen from directly below (cell) (September 30 (rental) / January 24, 2006 (cell), Max A) Omnibus work A popular actress's extreme behind-the-scenes video Yui Komine's NG-ignoring barrage of fucks (October 6, popular actress's extreme behind-the-scenes video) DVD of Yui Komine's unseen video (October 7, unseen video) Yappa! Cream Pies III 10 Cream Pies Princess (October 13, Hayabusa Agency) Masked Swordsman Condor Lady Yui Komine (October 14, GIGA) I want to be squid many times by a cute slut like her sister. (October 20, Momotaro Video Publishing) Namahame Pies Injection-Beautiful Breasts Secretary Edition (November 11, Air Supply) Heroine Suppression Vol.19 (November 11, GIGA) Provocative Nurse! (Rental) / Nasty Nurse Station (Cell) (November 19 (Rental) / December 16 (Cell), LEO) Omnibus work Confinement Celebrity Vol.01 (December 9, Eiten) Dirty School Symphony True Lesbian Academy (December 16, Big Mocal) The Returned Super Heroine 12 (December 23, GIGA) Beroncho Kiss Man's Desire Woman's Taste (December 27, Max A) id:3308