Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano
Birthday1988年 05月 24日
height163 cm
measurements88cm 59cm 85cm
Blood typeA 型

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Yui Hatano Uncensored AV work of the table AV actress "Beauty slut [junior guidance of a nympho female teacher]" Part 2


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Yui Hatano JAV uncensored hardcore video,Yui Hatano sex porn, (Yui Hatano [2], May 24, 1988 [3] -) is a Japanese AV actress [4]. She is a member of the anime song Vocaloid unit T♡Project [5]. She is from Okayama prefecture. She belongs to T-Powers. She's height: 163cm, three sizes: B88cm, W59cm, H89cm [1]. Her hobby is playing games[6]. Biography She was scouted at the age of 19 and made her AV debut in 2008 when she turned 20. Her local friends quickly found out, and she planned to quit soon.[7] There were days when she was wondering when she would quit, but in 2012 she decided to do her best in her last year as a way of giving back to the people who bought her work. lifted the ban. She said that her name became known and that she wanted to try harder, but she couldn't stop.[7] At the SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2013, along with Naruse Kokomi taking a rest, it was announced that Kanae Ruka and Fujikita Ayaka would newly join the idol group "me-me*" (meme), and performed a live performance. [8]. On March 5, 2014, she won the Best Actress Award and the Evening Fuji Award at the SKY PerfecTV! Ai Uehara, who was at the peak of her popularity at the time, was also entering, and she had given up on winning the award, so when her name was called, she fell off her chair. Since April 2014, she has been the image character for the Republic of China (Taiwan) smartphone game app "Shinki Illusion"[11]. She was ranked number one in DMM's 2014 Annual AV Actress Ranking[12]. In March 2016, she ended the activities of the idol group "me-me *"[13], and in October 2016, she started working as a member of T♡Project (the other members are Hibiki Otsuki and Ru Kanae. or) [14]. In the same year, she ranked first in the DMM annual AV actress ranking for the first time in two years [15]. On March 1, 2018, she won the Most Appearing Actress Award at the SKY PerfecTV! On March 12, 2019, she won the Most Appearing Actress Award for the second consecutive year at the SKY PerfecTV! In October 2019, she was nominated for the GEO TV x Men's Cyzo ADULT AWARD 2019 Dirty Star category [18]. Her nickname is "Ingo no Hatano". In December of the same year, she won the Grand Prix in the same category (the award ceremony was held on January 10 of the following year) [19] [20]. In October 2020, she won first place in the popular AV actress ranking in the first half of 2020 on Geo TV[21]. In October of the same year, she achieved 1st place for 15 consecutive weeks in the Geo TV Popular AV Actress Weekly Ranking [22]. She was ranked 25th in the readers' vote of "FLASH 2020 Strongest Sexy Actress BEST 100" announced in December 2020 [23]. She announced FANZA She won the 5th place in the annual AV actress ranking in 2020[24]. In January 2021, she was introduced by adult video entertainer Revolver Head as an actress expected in 2021, saying that she was expected to make ``her unprecedented 3,000 appearances''. In February 2021, she won 8th place in the Geo TV "AV actress who wants to receive Valentine's chocolate! Questionnaire"[26]. She ranked 3rd in the Asahi Performing Arts "2021 Active AV Actress SEXY General Election" announced in April 2021[27]. On July 8, 2021, she participated as "T ♡ Project" for the first time in about 3 years at the live event "LADY MADONNNA Vol.13" held at Aoyama RizM, Tokyo [28]. Announced in August 2021 "FLASH 2021 Sexy Actress Ranking Selected by 300 Readers" 15th place in the reader vote [29]. In September 2021, she was appointed as the Triple HAPPY Campaign 2021 Campaign Girl[30]. In February 2022, she became a support ambassador for the video site "SPOOX EX" operated by SKY PerfecTV! She was ranked first in the Asahi Performing Arts "2022 Active AV Actress SEXY General Election" announced in May 2022[32]. On September 2nd of the same year, she was appointed as a campaign girl for the "Triple HAPPY Campaign 2022" by the HHH Group[33]. At the end of the same year, she surpassed her 3,000th appearance (as of December 13, 3,039 including omnibuses). At this point, she has the largest number of works she can watch in the history of AV actresses[7]. On February 1, 2023, Shiori Kamisaki, who had participated as a voice actress in FANZA GAMES's online game "Crimson Youma Taisen/Dou X", dropped out due to maternity leave. She took over the role of Reiko Dona. person She is nicknamed "the Chi-ling of the AV world" in Taiwan because of her similarities in appearance with Taiwanese actress and model Lin Chi-ling.[34] Based on her popularity in Asia, she is also known as "Hatano of the World"[35]. Her lack of taste in plain clothes has become a hot topic among her production staff and fans attending autograph events. Her gray hooded dress was called "Mouse Man"[36]. She is a scout and she enters the industry. She said that she "hated it very much" as her job at the beginning of her debut, partly because she was initially uninterested and she refused.[37] She made her debut at the age of 20 and appeared in her married work the following year. Although she had her resistance and struggles at the time, she said in a 2022 interview that she was "because she used to look old. She's a good experience now."[7] However, her first married woman role was her humiliation work, and she really disliked it [7]. As of 2022, she has many female lesbian works. Hatano himself likes it, but due to the situation, there are many cases where the partner is the first lesbian work, and the future of the partner will be decided, so it is said that there is pressure on that point. According to her official profile, she was from Kyoto, but since around 2019, she has professed that she is actually from Okayama on TV programs. id:85