Risa Ōmomo

Risa Ōmomo
Birthday1992年 08月 23日
height143 cm
measurements80cm 55cm 82cm
Blood type
Hobbies料理 買い物 旅行

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Risa Ōmomo KIRARI Vol.69 Creampie in my sister's Roriman Part 1


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Risa Ōmomo JAV uncensored hardcore video,Risa Ōmomo sex porn,(August 23, 1992 -) is a Japanese AV actress. She belongs to Bambi Promotion. She is 143 cm tall. Her three sizes are B80 (C-65), W55, and H82cm. Her hobbies are cooking, shopping and traveling[1]. Biography/People She made her AV debut in 2013. She is 143 cm tall and she is a petite Lolita AV actress. Appearance work Adult DVD 2013 A pure girl feels pleasure and grows sexually, and she herself is confused by it (February 13, DOC) Shiroto (;'melon`) ¥ Manmusume Pseudonym) Risa Momoi ??age no.005 (February 21, MAGIC) Unable to forget the thrill of being molested, she boards a crowded bus on purpose to experience the thrill again. Sequel, I will lend you an amateur girl. 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