Riri Kōda

Riri Kōda
Birthday1974年 03月 01日
height160 cm
measurements83cm 60cm 88cm
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Riri Kōda JAV uncensored actress porn video hardcore, (Riri Koda/ Kiri Koda, March 1, 1974 -) is a Japanese actress. Regarding her occupation, she calls herself a "niche industry AV actress"[5] and a "niche industry actress"[6]. She is from Tokyo[2][7]. Her height: 162cm [1], three sizes: B83 (D-65), W60, H88 [1]. Her hobbies/special skills: dancing, tennis, and snowboarding. Some profiles list her date of birth as March 10, 1974[5], January 1, 1975[1][3], and March 10, 1978[7]. History/People She graduated from Saitama Daiichi High School (currently Kaichi High School) and Saitama Junior College[8]. She made her AV debut in 1999 as "Mirai Sakai" (Miki Sakai[2] / Mirai Sakai[9])[2][10][11]. She was working as an OL [5] [10]. In 2001, she made her re-debut under the name of "Miki Iwashita" [2] (some materials claim this to be her debut [3]). In 2005 she changed her name to "Riri Koda"[2][3]. In the same year, she made her debut in a pink movie with "Lonely married woman crying at night" (Director: Tetsuya Takehora, Screenplay: Kiminori Komatsu)[2]. She won the 2007 Pinky Ribbon Award for Outstanding Actress, 2008 for Best Supporting Actress, 2009 for Outstanding Actress and 2010 for Best Supporting Actress.[2] In February 2010, she formed the group "Female-ing" with her colleagues Maki Tomoda and Chisato Shoda [12], and was also engaged in talk event activities related to sex. In SOD Create's "SOD Female Employee Series", she appeared as a female employee "Miki Sagawa (Miki Kono)". In the ROCKET label's planning series, she played the role of host (Riri Koda). She has many offers from GIGA, which requires a lot of action and drama, and she has appeared in various roles such as heroine roles, villains, masochistic villains, and plain-clothed supporting roles. She also has experience appearing in behind-the-scenes videos (see #uncensored works)[13]. In 2012, she announced her graduation as an AV actress in the magazine "Madonna HOUSE" July issue (total number 300). She has revealed that she has given up her title as an AV actress and will continue to work as an actress.[10] In addition to being an actress, she is also active as a dancer[10]. In addition to regular appearances at the event "Nudist Beach" held at Roppongi Core[10], in 2006, he co-starred in Gaki Ranger's first directed AV "Goku Ero Dance x Cowgirl Fuck" (SOD Create)[14]. Aya Fukunaga (AYA) formed a perverted tayment unit "PaN☆FёЯA (PaN☆FeRA[14], Panfera)"[14][10] (suspended in May 2012[10]). In addition to her unit activities, she has also danced in a reader-participation project on a magazine appendix DVD [15]. In addition to the above, Miri Koda [1] Riri Koda [16] Riri Koda [4] Riri Koda [3] Lily [3] There is also id:1080