Mukai Ai

Mukai Ai
Birthday1993年 10月 24日
height157 cm
measurements80cm 56cm 82cm
Blood typeB 型

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Idol Mari's Sex Training Photo Session Mari Haneda Part 2


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Ai Mukai JAV uncensored video, actress porn sex movie, October 24, 1993 . is a Japanese AV actress. She is from Tokyo[1], and she belongs to Everest. She made her AV debut in 2015 as a planning single actress. At the same time, she debuted as an uncensored AV actress under the name of "Mari Haneda", and since 2016, her appearances have increased. Furthermore, in April 2017, she made her debut as an uncensored AV actress on Fellatio Japan [5] (Digital J media) under the name of "Ai Mukai". She has been nominated for the New Actress Award at the Adult Broadcasting Awards 2017 and for her work award for Ai Mukai, who can't stand a kiss [6]. At the time of her debut, media exposure was NG, but she lifted the ban in 2016[7]. She has also published a photo book[8]. At the time of her debut, her hair was cut short like her sports haircut[9], and she felt like she was drying for a while[10], but as a result, she became popular for her short haircut and boyish charm. [8][10]. At first, she didn't like sex at all, and her reaction in the video wasn't very good, but when she filmed with Japanese porn star Shimiken in December 2015, she woke up to the fun.[10] She was later nicknamed "Yodare's Magician" by Shimiken. Since 2019, she has grown her hair and played the role of a married woman [9]. In September 2021, she was appointed as the Triple HAPPY Campaign 2021 Campaign Girl[11]. She will be exclusive to Madonna from May 2022. Seven years after her debut, she became the first exclusive actress. For this reason, I decided to become an exclusive actress." She commented, "There was a sense of tension in her that went back to the time of her debut, a feeling of release and pleasure that made her head go blank."[12] She ranked 36th in the Asahi Performing Arts "2022 Active AV Actress SEXY General Election" announced in May 2022[13]. person She has had a short haircut since elementary school, a remnant of her athletic days, and never allowed her hair to grow long.[14] She devoted herself to softball in middle school and high school, and she was so popular with female students that she received 50 chocolates on Valentine's Day.[15] She started masturbating in the second grade, and she's been reading teens love since then. Because she was so involved in club activities, she didn't date a man until she was around 17-18.[14] She grew up in a complicated family during her childhood, after her parents divorced, she lost her father in the fourth grade, was abused by her stepmother, and was raised in an institution from the sixth grade onwards. . She has an older brother and a younger sister, each with different fathers, whom she first met when she was 17.[17] She became an AV actress Her purpose was money[18], and she was not interested in acting or sex[19] Indeed, I began to watch other works a lot [19]. In addition, her chance was that she was scouted in Meguro [20]. She also started watching professional wrestling around 2017, and she is trying to give feedback to her work on how to manage and betray in a good way through professional wrestling.[21] Her hobbies are shopping, watching movies, shopping, ball games, and snowboarding[1]. She also cites comedy[15] and watching professional wrestling[1] (especially Pro Wrestling Noah[22][23]) as her hobbies. She is of Japanese nationality, half Japanese and Korean[24]. In her daily life, she is mostly right-handed, but she hits right and left. id:2717