Misaki Yui

Misaki Yui
Birthday1989年 11月 24日
height154 cm
measurements90cm 54cm 86cm
Blood typeB 型

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Red Hot Fetish Collection Vol.111 Part 2


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Yui Misaki JAV uncensored actress porn video hardcore,(Yui Misaki, November 24, 1989 -) is a Japanese AV actress. She is from Tokyo. Biography [icon] Additions to this section are welcome. In 2010, she made her AV debut as MOODYZ's exclusive actress "Misaki Yui" in "F cup-chan Yui Misaki who drinks sperm without permission". In July 2014, she entered the sexy actress popularity poll for a character appearance in Sega's game "Ryu ga Gotoku" [1] [2] [3]. On August 24th of the same year, she announced the results. She missed the right to appear in "Ryu ga Gotoku 0 Chikai no Basho". Ranking and number of votes unpublished [4]. From around 2017, she will also appear in movies, mainly directed by Mototsugu Watanabe. On September 10, 2021, she announced on her Twitter account that she will be retiring as of March 2022[5]. In March 2022, she performed her AV graduation performance at Kawasaki Rock Theater[6]. Even after her retirement, she continues to be involved in the AV industry behind the scenes [7]. person Even in her private life, she is more bisexual than a lesbian and has a girlfriend she's been dating since junior high school. The partner of her first experience is also a woman. She has a gentle appearance, but she won fans with a gap where she can perform perverted play such as fist fuck and water torture without NG [8]. She is also called the Queen of Fists[7]. After 10 years of my career, I thought it would be okay to be active for the rest of my life, but what I did as an actress, when I would make a break, I thought it would be okay to move on to the next stage, and the president of the agency. The plan was announced in September of the previous year, and the plan was to retire in half a year after being proposed to crowdfunding a photo book from. She said that she continued for a long time because she met Dogma director TOHJIRO [8]. She still got her chance to appear in Dogma after being recommended by Hana Kano and Anri Nonaka [8]. id:1414