Mao Mizusawa

Mao Mizusawa
Birthday1990年 06月 25日
height154 cm
measurements82cm 59cm 90cm
Blood typeB 型

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Red Hot Fetish Collection Vol.113 Aokan Part 2


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Mao Mizusawa JAV uncensored actress porn video hardcore,(Mao Mizusawa, June 25, 1990 -) is a former Japanese AV actress. Biography/People In November 2010, she made her AV debut as "Maomi Nagasawa", the exclusive actress of adult video maker Prestige. Her debut profile listed her date of birth as May 26, 1987. Her agency is Meito. She had been on hiatus since April 2012[1], but on July 23, 2012, she opened a new blog as "Mao Mizusawa", and in her first post She revealed that she resumed her activities from the end of last month[2]. Her agency is Empress. In November 2014, she announced on her official blog that she was retiring in the same month (her blog was later deleted). Since December 2016, she has been the manager of AV Productions Attractive. id:2110