Maki Wakui

Maki Wakui
Birthday1977年 01月 30日
height158 cm
measurements83cm 58cm 84cm
Blood typeB 型

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Samurai Porn Part 2


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Maki Wakui JAV uncensored video, actress porn sex movie,born January 30, 1977. is a Japanese AV actress, actress, and stripper. She is from Niigata Prefecture[2]. She is one of the AV queens representing the 1990s. Her current catchphrase is "Asian Goddess." Biography/People The reason why she became an AV actress is that when she stayed at her boyfriend's house, she was raped by her brother who was the other man's brother, so she became androphobic. It was to overcome [3]. By the time she was 17, she was already thinking about becoming an AV actress, and had even gone to a dinner party to meet her AV agency.[3] She said that she thought that her AV shooting was "not scary because there are so many people around" [3]. In April 1995, she made her AV debut with "Virgin Palace Graduation ~Graduation~" (Tiffany). She gains instant popularity with her Loriface and Namaiki-type idol route with a nice body. However, she was unable to overcome her fear of men [3], and the following year she went on hiatus with "Sayonara Maiko Yuki 'Let's do it... I won't be able to meet you'". While she was resting, her pirated AV was leaked in Hong Kong[3] and her popularity sparked in Asia, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. [citation needed]. During her hiatus, she also appeared in one-off TV dramas. Appearing in an NHK drama in particular was a dream of hers for many years, and when she passed the audition for NHK's Aoi Hanabi, she said, "She was really happy."[4] . In 1998, she revived with "Goddess of Resurrection" (Venus). She also appeared in a number of V-cinemas, but was unable to overcome her fear of men, so she retired in 2000[4]. She made her striptease debut on May 21, 1999 at her Asakusa Rock Theater[1]. She started this as part of her multi-talented activities, and she said, "She also wanted to spread Japanese culture."[4] In 2007, she was selected as the main dancer in a luxury hotel theater in Macau. She has been a reporter for a TV program in Hong Kong. [Five] She revived as an AV actress in 2010. As for the reason for her comeback, she said, "She's said to be a legendary actress, so she thought it was time for her to appear in porn."[6] Her hobbies are cooking and golf, and her favorite foods are fruits, vitamin C, fish salmon, and horse mackerel. She will be released in October 2021, and in an interview with Hiroki Terai's "Legendary AV Actress" (Saizusha), it is stated that a contract of 300 million yen was signed for 12 appearances at the time of her debut.[7] the work adult video Virgin Palace Graduation-Graduation-(April 22, 1995, Tiffany) *Debut work Naughty Baby Naughty Baby (May 1995, 5, Space Planning) Virgin Palace Temptation ~Temptation~ (June 20, 1995, Tiffany) Take me to heaven (July 1995, 7, Space Planning) Derauma! Mango (August 1995, 8, Tiffany) Whimsical Venus (September 1995, 9, Space Planning) New Hamacho Banana (October 17, 1995, Tiffany) Angel Kiss (November 1995, 11, Space Planning) Over there is Q Kuchukuchu Maiko (December 12, 1995, Tiffany & Co.) Princess is too wet Carnal Princess (February 13, 1996, Tiffany) Treasure (March 3, 1996, Space Planning) *Omnibus Goodbye Maiko Yuki "Let's do it because we won't be able to meet" (May 17, 1996, Tiffany) Her retirement work Goddess of Resurrection (Venus) Intense love (Venus) Squid Teacher (Venus) Final Maiko (Venus) Kirikiri Maiko Nurse Call of Love (October 29, 1998) Flying Angel 3 [Limited production video] (July 16, 1999, MOODYZ (Mr. President)) Angel Maiko Yuki (February 2000, 2, Idea Pocket (Angel)) A guidepost to a top star [VHS 2 sets] (November 2000, 11, MOODYZ (QUEST))-Co-star: Junko Asamiya Pheromone Munching Older Sister Cowgirl Feature (July 2002, 7, MOODYZ (BEST), Summary)-Simultaneous recording: Maria Yumeno/Sally Yoshino/etc. Clothed SEX (September 2002, 9, MOODYZ (Best), Summary)-Simultaneous recording: Ryoko Tachibana/Manami Suzuki/etc. Climax Climax (November 2002, 11, MOODYZ (Best), Omnibus)-Simultaneous recording: Anna Yuki/Maria Yumeno/etc. A collection of masturbation from 25 famous single actresses. (December 15, 2002, MOODYZ (BEST), Summary)-Simultaneous recording: Anna Yuki/Sally Yoshino/etc. Disturbed woman in OL (March 2003, 3, MOODYZ (BEST), omnibus)-Simultaneous recording: Minami Yoshikawa/Ami Sugiura/etc. MOODYZ Actress Collection 1 (April 2003, 4, MOODYZ (BEST), Omnibus)-Simultaneous recording: Minami Yoshikawa/Yuri Terao/etc. Angel HYPER Nurse Edition (June 2003, 6, Idea Pocket (Best), Omnibus)-Simultaneous recording: Minami Fujisaki/Akari Yamasaki/Reina Ogata/etc. Revival Maiko Yuki (April 2010, 4, Das!) id:221