Kinoshita Himari

Kinoshita Himari
Birthday1996年 05月 21日
height169 cm
measurements88cm 57cm 88cm
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himari kinoshita,himari kinoshita uncensored,kinoshita himari,himari_kinoshita,himari kinoshits, (also known as Himari Hanazawa, born May 21, 1996) is a Japanese AV actress. She is from Tokyo. She belongs to ACT. April 17, 2020 Official debut from her prestige On May 8, 2020, she opened her Twitter account. She has amassed over 30,000 followers in less than a year. December 27, 2020 Opened her Instagram account. On February 26, 2021, her purchase-type crowdfunding "Hitotsunagi" started her "Kinoshita Himari 1st Anniversary 1st Photobook Project-I want to take beautiful pictures at the beautiful sea-Project. February 26, 2021 her twitcasting start. March 10, 2021 An event (autograph session and photo session) sponsored by MAXING will be held at Lamutara MEDIA WORLD AKIBA (from 18:00). On March 13, 2021, an event for DVD purchasers by Momotaro Video Publishing will be held at her Ramutara Akihabara store (from 11:30) and Epicari Akiba (from 18:00). March 16, 2021 "Himari Kinoshita 1st Anniversary Commemorative 1st Photobook Project-I want to take beautiful pictures in the beautiful sea-Achieved the project target amount. Accepted until April 17th. The shooting will be in Okinawa. On April 15, 2021, an event for DVD purchasers sponsored by MAX-A will be held at Ramtara Akihabara store (from 18:00). 2021 Himari Kinoshita 1st anniversary 1st photobook will be produced. In May 2021, she was selected as one of the top 10 next-generation beautiful big butt AV actresses in Weekly Playboy[1]. Monthly FANZA announced 9th place in ranking by actress in the first half of 2021 [2]. Monthly FANZA announced 5th place in AV actress ranking in the second half of 2021 [3]. Her specialty is cooking. She especially likes nikujaga and omelet rice. Her hobby is shopping. Her favorite foods are meat dishes and noodles. She likes beef tongue when it comes to grilled meat. Her steak is well-done. She also eats ramen (tonkotsu, miso), udon, pasta, junk food (McDonald's, especially sausage muffins for morning Mac), potatoes (potatoes, sweet potatoes), french fries, potatoes, potatoes, etc. Her recent boom is fruit daifuku. Her weak foods are fish and vegetables. She's a sushi chef, but she eats nothing but raw fish. However, you can eat tuna and eel. Other, konnyaku jelly. She's a picky eater, she's a picky eater. Her favorite animal is a dog. Her favorite place is home. Her favorite color is pink[4] When she was in junior high school, she dreamed of becoming an entertainer and auditioned for it. Her high school is a correspondence system. Her first experience was 18 years old. She was scouted and debuted as a sexy actress. Her beautiful legs are her charm. Her model-like style earned her popularity even before her official debut. After her official debut, she became a hot topic in an instant, especially among her slender fans, spurring her popularity. Her personality is very bright and serious, and she cares about her fans. id:3191