Kanna Sakuno

Kanna Sakuno
Birthday1994年 11月 29日
height153 cm
measurements88cm 57cm 88cm
Blood typeO 型

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Kanna Sakuno Fan Thanksgiving Day Visit to the Homes of Men Who Want to Make Children Part 2


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Kanna Sakuno JAV uncensored video, actress porn sex movie, born June 3, 1996. is a Japanese AV actress. She belongs to Fanit Entertainment. In June 2020, she changed her name to Ranka (Ranka, November 29, 1994-), and her agency also transferred to Aloha Promotion[2]. Biography She is from Tokyo In December 2015, she made her AV debut as an exclusive actress for Maxing. When she went to shoot a publicity photo for a reader model, she began to feel that "it's good to be in front of people" I went to a place and decided to make an AV debut [3]. In 2016 she turned into a planning single actress. From March 2017, she faded out her activities under the name of Eri Hirai. In June 2020, she returned to the MSG video "Shirouto TV" under the name of her Ranka[1]. person Her favorite number is the wide, symmetrical "8"[4]. Her hobby is toenails[5]. Her first experience was at the age of 12[6]. She has an easy-going personality that doesn't get nervous, and during her debut shoot she thought about how she would appear, she replied, "She wasn't nervous at all."[5] Appearance work Adult DVD 2015 Rookie Sakino Kanna ~A manicurist's egg AV debut with outstanding style and dexterity~ (December 16, Maxing) 2016 Turtle Imada x Kanna Sakino ~A manicurist's egg with outstanding style and an overnight hot spring trip~ (January 16, Maxing) Premium PEACH Hip ~Aoi Kajitsu~ (February 16, Maxing) First creampie! ~Warm raw semen felt in the womb~ (March 16, Maxing) Creampie Ma ○ Ko, Kupaa. (April 16, Maxing) Fucking Machine SEX (May 16, Maxing) MAXING Unrecorded Look! The Best Dildo Masturbation (May 16, Maxing) and others Starring: Akiho Yoshizawa, Kana Yume, Nozomi Aso, Yui Hatano, Natsu Kimino, Nene Chiba, Yu Konishi, Yuki Shirai, Rina Misuzu , Mikuru Miku, Komachi Akizuki Limb Bound Rabbit -Shishibakuto- (June 16, Maxing) Pissing, squirting, large incontinence. (August 7, Premium) I want to fuck you right now! Outstanding style and sensitivity, a little devilish idol who doesn't flatter people Kanna Sakino 5 hours (August 16, Maxing) *Omnibus "'Is it okay if it's my first time with my sister?' My sister who is a nurse saw my younger brother's virgin cock who couldn't get an erection due to abstinence and gave me a brush in secret." VOL.1 (September 22nd, DANDY ) Other appearances: Misato Nonomiya, Kokone Mizutani, Mizuki Hayakawa (Foundation) Since I entered the Ochin*n Institute, I made a child (October 1, ZUKKON/BAKKON) Co-stars: Kana Morisawa, Ruka Kanae, Leroy Clara An obscene oil massage that causes convulsions, incontinence, and continuous acme in the eggs of busty idols (Nov. 10, Natural High) Other appearances: Kurumi Kawaon, Yurina Aizawa, Misato Nonomiya Kanna Sakino Little Devil Cool Beauty 21 Productions 4 Hours (November 16, Maxing) *Omnibus Member-only Kinbaku (Secret) Club 6 (December 16, Maxing) and others Starring: Akiho Yoshizawa, Kana Yume, Nozomi Aso, Yui Hatano, Hana Aoyama, Miori Matsushita, Nono Mizusawa, Nanako Mori, Yu Konishi, Seta Kanae, Nene Chiba, Rena Sasaki, Rumi Kanda, Michiru Ogawa *Includes an omnibus and unreleased footage of Kanna Sakino Forced outburst gal esthetics that won't forgive you for one ejaculation (December 25, kira☆kira) 2017 Kanna Sakino's Fellatio 4 Hours (February 16th, Maxing) *Omnibus Lovey-dovey sex that makes you smile (June 1st, S-Cute) and others Cast: Arisu Shibuya, Reina Fujikawa, Miyuki Sakura, Aya Misaki, Rena Kiyomoto id:2757