Erika Momotani

Erika Momotani
Birthday1994年 06月 15日
height165 cm
measurements84cm 56cm 82cm
Blood typeA 型

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Momotani Erika JAV uncensored video, actress porn sex movie, June 15, 1994 - is a former Japanese AV actress. She belonged to the Lotus Group. Biography As her prestige exclusive, she made her debut on February 1, 2014 with "Shiroto Nagaseya Senka 1st Momodani Erika"[2]. Although she has not announced her retirement, her last AV work is "Prestige Summer Festival 2014 Erika Momotani" released on August 12 (later, the image video "Erocute/Erika Momotani" was released on November 28. released on the same day). In 2015, she was enrolled at Deriheru in Tokyo [3] [4]. She ranked 20th in DMM Adult's "2014 Second Half AV Actress Ranking Best 100" despite her 11 works (1 of which is a compilation). In addition, "Erika Momotani's ultra-latest addictive esthetic service" won the Best Work Award in the distribution category at the DMM Adult Awards 2015 [5]. Although she has virtually retired from the front stage, she was ranked 69th in the reader vote of "FLASH 2021 Sexy Actress Ranking Selected by 300 Readers" announced in August 2021[6]. person Before her debut, she appeared in "Nana 20-year-old tofu shop" on the adult website MGS video, and for this reason, at the beginning of her debut, she was called "Tofu shop" and "Tofu shop Nana-chan". There were many. She is also used as a catchphrase in her manga magazine gravure, which will be described later. Her hobby and special skill is yoga[8]. her work She has the following works[9]. adult video Height 165cm Weight 38kg Super slender body loves blowjob videos and masturbates from her daily life Shaved pussy beautiful girl AV debut Her Ririka (18 years old) (December 15, 2013, Peters MAX) Ririka name Below are all prestige works. Boobs are the best! Shirou and take off shop 1st Erika Momotani (February 2014, 2) NEW TOKYO Style 04 Erika Momotani (February 21, 2014) Two days and one night, beautiful girl complete reservation system. Chapter 2 Erika Momotani (March 21, 2014) I will lend you a new absolute beautiful girl. ACT. 20 Erika Momotani (April 11, 2014) The latest super addictive esthetic that Erika Momotani will serve (May 1, 2014) Dense Kiss and Lust Berokisu Intercourse 04 Erika Momotani (May 23, 2014) Natural Ingredients Erika Momotani Juice 120% Erika Momotani (June 20, 2014) Her older sister is a girl who wants to be seduced. Erika Momodani (July 19, 2014) Prestige Summer Festival 2014 Erika Momotani (August 2014, 8) Erika Momotani 8 Hours BEST PRESTIGE PREMIUM TREASURE VOL.01 (November 2014, 11)-Omnibus Erika Momotani 8 Hours BEST PRESTIGE PREMIUM TREASURE VOL.02 (February 20, 2015) id:1017