Ījima aiko

Ījima aiko
Birthday1984年 08月 25日
height164 cm
measurements86cm 59cm 88cm
Blood typeB 型

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Aiko Iijima JAV uncensored actress porn video hardcore, (Aiko Iijima, August 25, 1984 -) is a Japanese AV actress. She is 86cm bust, 59cm waist and 88cm hips. Her blood type is B [1]. Biography She made her AV debut in 2003. Appearance work adult video Amateur OL Reverse Nampa Resort (September 23, 2000, Z) Chichikuru!? Ikuiku (November 21, 2003 (VHS) January 21, 2004 (DVD), Eightman) [1] Shibuya BLACK2 3 Kogals don't sleep Tokyo smash hit (August 2005, 8, Kay Network) [1] Strong sex education (December 2005, 12, Channel V) Gangbang Rape Dangerous Summer Pool (Part 1) (July 2006, 7, T content) [1] Gangbang Rape Dangerous Summer Pool (Part 2) (July 2006, 7, T content) [1] Release date unknown Beautiful Legs Begging Race Queen (Channel Vi) Gorilla Carefully Selected Special! Vol.5 Gangbang rape dangerous summer pool (before and after) (T content) Snapshot - Snap Shot On Parade vol.2 Nurse NURSE D-MODE #22 T-Backs id:363